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Ajiledone Technologies, founded in 2020, focused on providing clients with best-in-class IT services. We specialize in SAP and Blockchain-based solutions for the IT industries.

We are constantly striving to deliver effective services by leveraging domain business knowledge, best-in-class techniques, and teams of technical specialists. We strive to give our clients strategic and tactical guidance through continuous research, exploration, and learning.

Our aim is to deliver innovative and reliable solutions and services to meet our client's needs with the utmost quality and unwavering ethics.

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Bi and Data Analysis

"Bi and Data Analysis leverage data to drive informed decisions and uncover valuable business insights."

Ai and Machine Learning

"AI and Machine Learning empower systems to learn from data and improve performance without explicit programming."

BlockChain Metaverse

"Blockchain Metaverse combines decentralized technology and virtual worlds, redefining how we interact, create, and transact in a digital ecosystem."

Mobile App Development

"Mobile App Development involves designing and building software applications tailored for smartphones and other mobile devices to enhance user experiences and provide valuable services."

Web Development

"Web Development encompasses creating and maintaining websites and web applications to facilitate online interactions, information sharing, and e-commerce activities."


"SAP and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) streamline business processes by integrating various functions, enabling efficient management of resources and data within an organization."


BARTPAY is the payment application used to transfer crypto currency it is famous for its unique method of transfer crypto where sender can send any crypto currency of his wish and receiver can receive the payment in whichever crypto currency he likes where exchange rate are applied automatically

Eg. If a person has only ethereum and receiver only receives payment in bitcoin than by using BartPay he can send payment in ethereum and user will receive it in Bitcoin.

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Shubhank Sahu

Jane Smith's Fitness Studio Website

Naman Sharma

Aaroshi Sinha

"Wow, I am completely blown away by the website you developed for my catering business! he design is so elegant and modern, and the user interface is super easy to navigate. I love how you incorporated our branding elements throughout the site. The online menu and reservation system work like a charm. You guys nailed it!"

"I couldn't be happier with the website your team created for my fitness studio. It looks so professional and reflects the energy of our workouts perfectly. he class schedule and booking feature is a game-changer for my clients. The site loads quickly, and everything is mobile-friendly. I'm already receiving compliments from my customers about how user-friendly and visually appealing it is. Thanks a million!"

"The website is exactly what I wanted! The menu page looks appetizing, and the integration of our location and hours is helpful for customers. The online reservation system is working well, and we've received positive feedback from our patrons. Excellent job!"

"The website looks fantastic! The gallery layout and image quality are impressive. It truly showcases my photography work in the best possible way. Thanks for making it easy for potential clients to get in touch with me through the contact form"

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Rajat Bansal


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